Mca mc0081 solved assignment

Also show the content of FAT after the space allocation to this file.

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The dashed line in Figure 2. Optionally, you can also precompile the site so that there is no Mca mc0081 solved assignment delay the first time a user browses a page.

System state information is collected by a single node.

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If the code is in a separate class file, this file is referred to as the code-behind file. Design means collaboration of identified objects. The 8 Ms used in manufacturing The 8 Ps used in service industry The 4 Ss used in service industry One may find it helpful to use the Fishbone diagram in the following cases: Hence, each record in the database will represent one customer transactionand may consist of a single book purchased by that customer, or it may consist of many perhaps hundreds of different items that were purchased, arranged in an arbitrary order depending on the order in which the different items books, magazines, and so on came down the conveyor belt at the cash register.

NET Web page consists of code that you create to interact with the page. For a visual representation of worker process isolation mode architecture, see Figure. This provides all the benefits of the framework, including a managed environment, type safety, and inheritance.

Causes can be traced back to root causes with the 5 Whys technique. Events and state specified in the global file are then applied to all resources housed within the web application.

Use the current state information for load balancing. Non-updateable full precompilation Use this to compile an application and then copy the compiled output to the production server.

When these responsibilities are collaborated the purpose of the system is fulfilled. Question 1 Covers Block 1 a What are fixed point numbers in a computer system? You can precompile a Web site using the ASP.

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Note that code in a code-behind file. The file contains ASP. NET Web pages as the programmable user interface for your Web application.

Cause-and-effect diagrams can reveal key relationships among various variables, and the possible causes provide additional insight into process behavior. Worker process isolation mode is the new IIS request processing model. The design of a load sharing algorithms require that proper decisions be made regarding load estimation policy, process transfer policy, state information exchange policy, priority assignment policy, and migration limiting policy.

How can this file be given the space on the disk? IIS monitors the Web. When a server is working in IIS 5. NET page or web service code itself, since during the start or end of the application, its code has not yet been loaded or unloaded. NET Web application projects, you must compile the Web pages before deployment and deploy one or more assemblies.

NET to manage the state of your control across page loads so that each control is not reset to its default state each time the page is posted. A virtual root can be thought of as the container of a web application.

Here are a just a few cases in which you should not use the Fishbone diagram because the diagrams either are not relevant or do not produce the expected results: NET counterpart of the Global.


These tasks are scheduled to suitable processor to improve performance.IGNOU MCA First Semester Solved Assignments for July-January session is now available here at free of cost. Fully solved MCS assignment for July-January is added and remaining solved will also added very soon.

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August Master of Computer Application (MCA) - Semester 5 MC. (DOT) Net Technologies - 4 Credits (Book ID: B) MC Solved Assignment November contact full Solved Assignment November [email protected] Search Search.

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July Master of Computer Application (MCA) – Semester 5 MC –.(DOT) Net Technologies – 4 Credits (Book ID: B) Assignment Set – 1 (40 Marks). July Master of Computer Application (MCA) – Semester 5 MC –. (DOT) Net Technologies – 4 Credits (Book ID: B) Assignment Set – 1 (40 Marks) Answer all.

Download MCS Solved Assignment IGNOU MCA/BCA Session Problem Solving and Programming Assignment Solution In PDF MCA(I)//Assignment/ The latter mode is designed to provide an environment in which most existing applications or sites function correctly. July Master of Computer Application (MCA) – Semester 5 MC –.

(DOT) Net Technologies – 4 Credits (Book ID: B) Assignment Set – 2 (40 Marks) Answer all Questions Each question carries TEN marks 1.

Mca mc0081 solved assignment
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